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See What Happens When Boathouse Uses Intelligent Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

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If you build they will come… does not apply to eCommerce.

In 2011 we partnered with Boathouse, Canada’s leading retailer of action brands like Volcom, Hurley, Billabong, Roxy, and more! Since opening their first store in smalltown Ontario in 1973 Boathouse is achieving amazing success by offering Canadians brands not found anywhere else in the country.

Boathouse’s outstanding brand lead to over 80 physical stores across the country with a following of customers who love their exclusive selection of apparel.

Like most retail stores, Boathouse’s primary focus had been in-store sales, not online. So when they decided to build out a Magento store it didn’t clearly represent their brand or their in-store customer experience

In a short period of time Demac Media was able to achieve off-the-chart growth for Boathouse, driving revenue up 200% year-over-year for the retailer.

Here’s the dirty details on how we did it…

Click here to read more about how we’ve helped Boathouse grow their business, or continuing reading below.

Fuelling Growth Through Fundamentals

Boathouse, Intelligent Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Magento, Demac Media

In the midst of Boathouse’s sizeable offline growth we went back to the drawing board with their eCommerce team, implementing a simple plan that would take them from where they were, to where they wanted to be.

This roadmap helped our team set the direction we needed to take to help Boathouse reach their revenue goals online, to keep up with the success of their in-store business.

Intelligent Digital Marketing

When it comes to attracting and retaining your target customers, retailers need not look further than implementing right digital marketing strategy to see rapid, exponential growth online.

The Demac team was able to use Google Adwords intelligently and cost efficiently to help Boathouse get a 10x on average return on investment, and a 1000% return on ad spend (ROAS) since 2016.

1. Right Place, Perfect Time

In executing Boathouse’s paid search program we worked efficiently to advertise their brand, and branded products, with the aim of 100% coverage – showing up in the first or second position in Google’s Search Results.

This approach captured their customers in the right moments online, helping to increase familiarity and brand recall. When the time came to search online, Boathouse was top of mind for these online shoppers.

Following shoppers around in these crucial moments through Paid Search we brought Boathouse’s target customers closer to the path to purchase each time they initiated a search online.

2. Highly Relevant Ads

Capturing customers in the right moment online, then taking them to highly relevant landing pages based on what they’re searching for was a winning part of Boathouse’s new digital marketing strategy.

This not only made the online shopping process easier for potential customers, it increased Boathouse’s Quality Score; a crucial factor in Google’s rating of your keywords and PPC ads, that’s used to determine cost-per-click and ad rank.

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3. Connecting Online with Offline

Amping-up online operations, doesn’t mean you ignore the physical. The Demac team leveraged Boathouse’s 80+ stores to connect the online and offline through Adwords.

By using Google’s Location Bidding the Demac’s Search Engine Marketing experts started to look at which locations drove the most traffic online, and had a higher click-through rate.

To connect online with offline retail locations Demac noted where ads resonated with consumers offline, and tracked how that influenced online behaviours.

In utilizing 3 layers of Location Bidding: City, Neighbourhoods, and Postal Codes, we funneled money to the areas that were showing tremendous performance! Consumers were then added to remarketing lists based on what actions they took, especially if they got close to checkout but abandoned, we ensured Boathouse followed them around online to keep them engaged.

The Results

Boathouse, Intelligent Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Magento, Demac Media

Through intelligent digital marketing strategies Demac Media was able to help Boathouse realize a 10x return on investment and a 1000% return on ad spending!

Read more: Check out our full case study featuring the success of Boathouse by clicking here.

Want to achieve the same success as Boathouse through digital marketing? Send us an email: we’ll try to help you plan, build, and grow.

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