How Lonely Planet Combines Content and Commerce on Workarea to Drive Growth! Read now

lonely planet, demac media, workarea

Founded in 1973, Lonely Planet is the world’s largest travel media company. Having operated online since the early 1990’s, Lonely Planet’s online innovation carries on today, in fact, they were recently featured on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies! Despite an early investment in digital retail Lonely Planet’s in-house system became a hindrance to their success […]

Integrated eCommerce Systems: The 6 Technical Barriers You Need to Know About Read now

Integrated eCommerce Systems

There are many benefits to having the right backend systems in place that will facilitate profitable sustainable growth for your business. However, when looking at Integrated eCommerce Systems to leverage it’s imperative that you note how well your different systems play together. Not every backend system is compatible with every core platform, and of course […]

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Customizing Magento 2 Email Templates: The “Why?” and “How?” Read now

Magento Emails Why and How

You interact with your customer base a lot through email. You send them newsletters, daily deals, customer service replies, and more! But the transaction email templates sent through your Magento 2 store of by-far the most critically import emails your customers will receive. They both convey specific information to your customer while simultaneously representing your […]

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