Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017: Recapping our Retailers’ Growth + Key Takeaways! Read now


In January we have what is known the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday. While the science behind “Blue Monday” is questionable, there’s no denying that for most retailers and merchants January is a quieter month. In the comedown from the insane holiday season you might relish in the reprieve that a […]

How Our Shopify Store Went from $1K a Month to $1k a Day in 1 Year With 1 Product Read now

Pela Case, Shopify

At time of publishing: Pela is currently averaging $6k/day I know what you’re thinking…well isn’t that just about the most obnoxious blog title you’ve ever read. What ecomm-guru-clickbait BS trap did I just fall into? Well, I promise you, I don’t have any one-size-fits-all tricks up my sleeve. But if you’re anything like me, I […]

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Meet The Demacians – Sadaf Romasi – Marketing Coordinator Read now

Sadaf meeting the demacians marketing coordinator

Our next Demac employee to be featured in the “Meet The Demacians” series, is a real go-getter who joined the Business Development team in the Summer of 2017! Since becoming an official Demacian, Marketing Coordinator Sadaf Romasi has worn many hats, from helping to write and schedule blog posts like “How Retail is Being Shaped […]

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