How to Navigate the eCommerce Free Shipping Paradox to Stay Profitable Read now

Free shipping, freeshipping, demac media, amazon shipping, ecommerce shipping, ecommerce free shipping

Free Shipping has dominated a lot of mindshare in eCommerce for a very long time, and for very good reason. Amazon has also historically been the one to drive much of this conversation (for fun, go search for “free shipping minimum” and you’ll see Amazon headlines). If you’re a merchant, free shipping can suck …and […]

Build Healthy Working Relationships for Amazing Design Results Read now

demac media, client-designer, working relationship, designer-client, effective communication, ecommerce, design strategy, web design

There are few things that I believe are, truly sacred. One of those things happens to be building happy, healthy client-designer relationships that produce amazing design results. And like any other well-heeled relationship, there should be a mutual understanding of desired goals, principles, and aesthetic vision. Here are my 3 pillars that we use at […]

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