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How Canadians spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Since 2011 Moneris have been tracking spend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Canada. Sure, we have Boxing Day (December 26) here in the Great White North, but a growing amount of Canadians have been seizing the day-I mean deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since 2011 Moneris have tracked Canadian spending, and reported on the consecutive growth seen in our home country year-over-year. 2015 was no different. Canadians were out in droves shopping for clothes, household items, and sporting goods. So how well did the days perform in 2015? A fair share of consumers shopped on both days, and Moneris reports that Black Friday grew 9.6% and Cyber Monday grew 14.1% this year in Canada. The hype was real this year! Find out more about how Canadian spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with this infographic from Moneris:

How Canadians spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Source: Moneris

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Canadian spending for Black Friday 2015 increased 9.6%. Tweet this.

Canadian spending on Cyber Monday 2015 increased 14.1%. Tweet this.

On Black Friday 2015 contactless spending increased 2x. Tweet this.

Alberta was the Canadian province that spent the most on Black Friday 2015. Tweet this.

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