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Beyond Black Friday: 2017 Holiday Shopping In Review – Infographic

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For online retailers, Holiday 2017 proved to be another strong season for revenue, conversion, and average order values, with these metrics outpacing traffic growth.

Demac partner Workarea have engaged their Commerce Intelligence Unit and gathered, sliced and diced data from November 1 through December 25, highlighting the top insights from the 2017 season.

  • Merchants’ efforts to beat Black Friday with pre-Thanksgiving deals paid off with a 20% boost in YOY revenue, and 50% more mobile transactions.
  • Thanksgiving served the highest revenue jump of the season, with a 32% revenue increase over 2016, 39% on mobile.
  • Mobile continued to take more traffic share from desktop, but tablets declined throughout the season. “Bigger and better” smartphones drive the trend.
  • Fashion and Apparel ruled the Cyber Monday runway, with revenue jumping 30% on desktop and 40% on mobile.
  • Health and Beauty underperformed 2016 pre-Christmas, with a rebound on Christmas Day posting a healthy 92% increase December 25 (133% on mobile) as shoppers spoiled themselves on personal items.

Beyond Black Friday infographic Workarea

*The Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit tracks over 300 websites on the Workarea Commerce Platform

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