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5 Best Shopify Apps To Help Boost Your Holidays Now

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Best Shopify Apps Holidays

It’s never too early to begin preparing yourself, and your business, for the holidays. But how does an eCommerce store stand apart from the competition and ride the holiday wave through tons of saturated mass-marketing? The holidays are an unparalleled opportunity for you to engage eager crowds who are ready to connect, buy, and boost your company’s momentum in sales. ֿShopify, the leading eCommerce platform offers a variety of apps and audience-friendly features, to help set your business apart, increase online traffic, and transform basic marketing techniques into tangible spikes in revenue.

With the holidays around the corner, here is our list of the 5 must-have Shopify apps that will supercharge your store and prepare your unique brand and marketing method just in time for the busiest sales pinnacle of the year.

1. Yotpo

Yotpo is a platform that helps online businesses acquire, convert, retain, and understand customers through user-generated content. With Yotpo, it’s easy to collect customer reviews, photos, videos, and more and use them to build better marketing.”Yotpo utilizes and understands how customer reviews, ratings of products, and user photos and testimonials are leading factors for establishing trust for and between buyers. Consequently, the platform organizes consumer commentary and feedback on eCommerce sites, making it a critical part of the buying experience, increasing faith in the products being sold and creating a helpful social network in a usually impersonal online environment.

Best feature:
Yotpo Ads are a prime example of how this massive collection of data comes together to produce tangible revenue. Blenders Eyewear, a newcomer e-commerce business, saw a 62% increase in return on ad spend within its first 6 months of employing Yotpo’s system.
Combining positive customer reviews and star ratings with Blenders Eyewear product photos proved itself immensely impactful, allowing buyers to feel confident enough in the moment to go ahead and make a purchase. Creating a consumer dialogue right as customers click on products that interest them offers a sense of community and builds trust. During the holidays, when quick buying decisions must be made, employing this strategy could have immediate benefits.

Yopto User Generated Content

2. Klevu

Klevu’s technology collects data the moment your customer begins typing in the search bar. The number one leader in search technology, Klevu offers retailers a fast, flexible and self-learning search tool that guarantees increased conversion to sales. They harness the power of the search bar and learn customers’ needs as they search. As a result, Klevu offers smart, adaptable and speedy search software to the customer, helping them find exactly what they’re looking for, while giving companies essential insight into the customer through their search. Klevu also produces instant analytics, helping your company merchandise and promote top products that correspond to search data in the swiftest, most relevant way.

Best Feature
The crux of Klevu’s platform is the collection of data on its cloud. Providing customers with a personalized search experience ultimately allows your company to learn invaluable buyer information and to get an understanding of your audiences’ most relevant wants and desires. From there, with the guidance of Klevu’s extended intricate analytics system, the road is paved for a closer customer connection and increased sales. Currently, Klevu’s actionable search insights are used by over 3,000 companies such as Yamaha, Jack Daniels, and Glitter, to name a few.

Klevu Search Insights

3. Nosto

Nosto is perhaps the most easy-to-use and non-committal app out there to introduce a nuanced marketing strategy. Offering individual plug-ins and features, as well as whole marketing packages, Nosto takes a commission only when sales are made within 24 hours of clicking on their specific ads. Nosto’s highest-selling features are their Facebook and Instagram ads that target consumers demographically or through your customizable preferences, connecting buyers to real-time trending items. Other Nosto plug-ins include on-site recommendations for “products you might like,” on-site pop-ups, and personalized email services.

Best Feature
Used by leading retailers such as Negative and Volcom, Nosto’s most attractive feature is its ability to give personalized recommendations in real-time. While consumers browse your store, Nosto provides you with analytics that tracks their online behavior, then offering personalized recommendations to buyers on-site or through e-mail. For Cowshed, a natural health and beauty products brand, employing Nosto worked seamlessly: users spent 55% more time on their site; they converted their searches into purchases at a 45% higher rate, and they viewed 116% more products. All this was achieved through Nosto’s personalized ad and recommendation campaign.

Nosto Shopify Plus Holidays

4.’s take on marketing is all about rewarding the customer for completing purchases and actions that promote your company. Fostering an incentive for users to get involved and share their experiences, rewards customers with points each time they make a profitable action online. The idea is that the reward system both enhances customer loyalty and the motivation to create organic user-generated content, creating a unique shopping experience always coupled with a special customer reward. As incentives grow and develops over time, the “best customers” receive even greater rewards and with them, a more exciting and fulfilling eCommerce experience.

Best Feature’s rewards program has more potential impact on revenue than one could assume. Take Evy’s Tree, for example, a clothing company that from rewards revenue alone made $1 million dollars in one calendar year Despite overwhelming competition in the retail market, Evy’s Tree was able to establish loyalty through giving back to those who continued to buy and promote the company along its journey. Especially during the holidays when there is immense pressure around buying gifts for others, using a rewards feature for those doing the buying could be just the thing to keep customers sticking around. Client Profile

5. Oracle + Bronto

In a world where popular trends seem to guide consumer choices, Oracle + Bronto proves that personalization is in fact key to securing consumer engagement and revenue. Offering highly targeted and personalized straight-to-consumer marketing emails, Oracle + Bronto’s approach captures the consumer through their specific online experience, needs, and preferences as seen in online behavior. They provide a full list of efficient marketing features to top companies and then compile enough data on the consumer to formulate an effective personal message. Essentially, the message acts as a follow-up with the individual after initial eCommerce engagement.

Best Feature
On a deeper level, this marketing automation platform seems to understand the need to boost a more intimate and affinitive relationship between host and buyer. This strategy also goes hand-in-hand with the conclusion of a Direct Marketing Association report stating that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. Not only is this about reaching consumers, but rather about translating reach into actual revenue. By bypassing mass marketing and making the consumer message relevant, Oracle + Bronto is able to extend a more authentic and attentive hand to its customers.

Bronto Drip Campaign


Apps on Shopify offer your company endless opportunities to get creative with your buyers by creating friendlier eCommerce spaces. At the end of the day, we see that customers are looking for feelings of personal engagement, to become part of some greater community or story, and the incentive towards positive and exciting shopping experiences. The holidays are definitely the right time to begin employing these methods and test your company’s highest potential for revenue.

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