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Resolving B2B eCommerce Channel Conflict – eBook

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Starting with the release of our eCommerce Trends for 2015 ebook, we’ve been investing more time into covering B2B eCommerce while helping B2B merchants navigate the world of digital commerce. Ourselves along side our friends at Magento both have established ourselves within B2C eCommerce over the years, but with the rise of B2B we recognized the opportunity to help B2B companies transform their business for the better by selling online. At the start of 2015 we called B2B one of industries in a new era of eCommerce leading the way for a new commerce reality. There’s no doubt in our minds that although B2B businesses have notoriously complex business process that they can certainly fit into an online business model.

Better B2B with eCommerce

With access to new and better business technology, lower barriers to entry, and changing consumer expectations we’re seeing a shift occur with new and exciting products being available to buy online. According to researchers at Forrester Inc. “93 percent of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online with self-serve information and ordering options from their vendors”. The substantial shift in buyer behaviour has levelled the eCommerce playing field between B2C and B2B. eCommerce platforms now offer B2B businesses all the solutions to run their business efficiently and effectively in the digital age, with quick time to market, scalability, and performance. eCommerce provides merchants with an ecosystem of functionalities to bring them the competitive edge that they need to see success in commerce.

The role of eCommerce in “Business-to-business” is no longer the exception, it’s the rule. The opportunities for businesses online are immense, paving the way for a new hybrid of companies. B2B is the fastest growing segment in eCommerce with brands and manufacturers alike going direct to consumers and reaping the benefits of this strategy. B2B companies everywhere are doing it, or at least considering it and talking about it. If they’re not, they should be.

Of course, there will be challenges. The number one challenge we hear about from businesses is the concept of “Channel Conflict”. When adding channels to any business it’ important to pay close attention to how they impact each other, but channel conflict is no excuse for you to not be transitioning your business online. Doing nothing to avoid channel conflict is the wrong move 100% of the time! To help B2B businesses in their journey online we put together a free downloadable eBook covering the main challenge; B2B eCommerce channel conflict. Find out more the rapid change in B2B buying behaviour, why your B2B business needs to be online, essential eCommerce strategies for distributers and manufactures, and ways to resolve channel conflict in our free ebook. Download it today by clicking the button below:

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