Mini Tutorial: Solr Startup Script Read now

solr startup

If you’re running Magento Enterprise Edition (and in my opinion anyone serious about eCommerce on Magento should be), one of the power features you get that isn’t available out of the box on the Community Edition is Solr support. As most of our clients choose to take advantage of this, I have spent a fair […]

UPS Saver Canada – Where did you go? Read now

ups saver

Recently, while working on a project, I came across a rather puzzling issue: UPS Saver was not showing up as an option when requesting rates, even though it was enabled as a valid method and theoretically, should always be a valid option for anywhere in Canada or the US

Split Shipments in Magento Read now

Split Shipments

Recently, while working on a project, we came across a scenario that isn’t covered by a default Magento install: Split Shipment Fees. Sometimes you may wish offer products for sale on your site even though the inventory may not be on hand, which is built in Magento functionality. However, for your customer’s convenience you might […]

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