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Certified Plus Magento Developer

Magento Tutorials

Mini-Tutorial – Hole-Punching Configurable Product Options

While working on a project for a client, I was challenged with the tasked of ensuring that size and colour combinations for a configurable product show up accurately. If we were working with Magento Community Edition this really wouldn’t be that challenging of an issue, but as with most of…

Magento Tutorials

Mini Tutorial: Adding REGEX Validation to Custom Options

Recently while I was working on a project for a client I was tasked with an unique challenge, adding Regular Expression (also known as regex) validation to a custom option. My first thoughts were that this wouldn’t be to difficult, just get the reg-ex from the client, and use the…

Magento Commerce, Magento Tutorials

Magento and Full Summary Tax Display

About two years ago I was working on a project and was asked to handle the tax setup. Normally this isn’t that big of a deal, however this was for a client who sells throughout Canada and has a retail presence in each province. Part of this requirement thus was…

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