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eCommerce Strategy

2010. What a year.

2010 has been an insane (in a very good way) year for Demac Media. Our team has grown, our clients are doing well, and we are seeing some truly awesome trends in eCommerce continuing to make waves in the industry. Industry News Groupon showed the world that you can innovate…

eCommerce Strategy

Canadian eCommerce a Growth Market

I talk about this almost daily with prospects and clients.  The Canadian eCommerce market is 5-6 years behind the USA in terms of business use/adoption.  The large majority of wholesale distributors and retailers in this country are still not online and only now just starting to think about their online…

eCommerce Strategy

Return Policies and Building Customer Loyalty

After a recent visit to a higher end, locally owned clothing store in Calgary I was reminded about the impact a retailers return policy could have on customer loyalty.  You see, this particular store only accepted returns on unworn merchandise within 15 days of purchase. Also, they only gave out…

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