The Power of CRM for B2C in eCommerce and Retail Read now


Although traditionally, CRM has been a popular tool within the B2B space, it’s beginning to make its mark in the B2C world, and specifically will have a significant lasting impact within the eCommerce industry. A major factor that has caused a shift in the CRM and B2C space is the pressure companies now face to […]

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This Week in eCommerce:
May 4 – 8 Read now


This week we have news about new startups competing with Amazon, Mondelez looking to try out eCommerce, making shipping easier in Asia, and a strategic eCommerce acquisition by Michelin to sell tires online. Two startups in the United states, Enjoy and are taking aim to try and best Amazon, but will low prices and […]

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eCommerce Glossary of Terms and Definitions for Merchants Read now

eCommerce Glossary of Terms and Definitions for Merchants

If having a conversion with an eCommerce professional has left you scrambling for a dictionary, you aren’t alone! In an industry that’s relatively new and constantly evolving, professionals have started to use words with pre-existing definitions in new ways, or even invented terms themselves. From describing functionalities, to basic business strategy, the vernacular of an […]

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How Star Companies are Redefining eCommerce in Canada Read now


eCommerce is on the rise and with it companies are dreaming up unique ways to promote online transactions. Amazon created #AmazonCart so that consumers could make purchases through Twitter. Starbucks has a similar initiative with Tweet-a-Coffee. If you’re dying to find out how companies on our home soil are redefining eCommerce, keep reading. We’re curious […]

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Why 2015 is the year for B2B, Home & Garden and Food & Beverage in eCommerce Read now


Lately we’ve been noticing some interesting changes within the world of eCommerce which has paved way for a new era of industry players which include: B2B, Home & Garden, and Food & Beverage. Traditionally, these have been industries that have complex business processes or needs, and didn’t necessarily “fit” an online business model. However, with […]

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2015 eCommerce Trends Read now

2015 ecommerce trends

Last year Responsive Design and Omni-Channel were big topics for 2014. But what will 2015 bring? We’ve put together an in-depth ebook that details our picks for the top 2015 eCommerce trends. Here’s a preview what you can expect: Part 1: CRM & Big Data CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has traditionally been popular for B2B […]

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Affiliate Marketing in eCommerce 101 Read now

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing, it’s a topic that unfortunately is not widely understood. However, at its core, it has always been about building relationships and centred around performance. In a nut shell, it’s performance based marketing. Within the realm of eCommerce, it is a fantastic strategy for merchants to take advantage of, to not only reach more […]

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Toronto eCommerce Forum 2014 – Recap Read now


Last week a select group of retailers came together to discuss what the Future of Canadian eCommerce will look like at our annual Toronto eCommerce Forum. We, alongside some of our friends from Canada Post, Tenzing, PayPal and Magento helped spark the discussion on how our budding eCommerce industry will grow, and most important transform […]

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How to Create a Seamless Experience When Shipping to a Customer Read now


*This post was adapted from the eTail Canada talk by Jordan Versluis, eCommerce Manager for Boathouse.* Jordan Versluis has worn many hats in nearly 8 years with Boathouse. Starting in sales at the store level before working his way up internally to digital marketing and design, Jordan became the company’s second-ever eCommerce manager in 2012, […]

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5 Most Important Things That Happened at Magento Imagine 2014 Read now

Magento Imagine 2014

Another year, another fantastic Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas! Can you believe it’s already been one week since over 1,700 people from around the world came together for Magento’s largest global conference yet?! For those of you unfamiliar with the Magento Imagine conference, it’s 3 days of informative sessions, engaging keynotes and impactful networking […]

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