The Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping Read now

drop shipping

Drop Shipping is a means of managing the flow of goods where the retailer does not keep goods in stock. Customer orders and shipment details are transferred to either  the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who ships the goods directly to the customer. Retailers that drop ship show customers their products by using “display items” in […]

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Native Apps: how they work and what they’re good for Read now

native apps

Lately, our team here at Demac Media has been focusing a lot on mobile optimized web and it’s no secret that we’re not huge fans of native apps. However that’s not to say that they’re not important or useful. This post is going to outline the pros and cons of native apps to provide a […]

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Mini Tutorial: How to Display the Magento Poll Voting Form and Results Read now

Magento Poll Voting

By default, the Magento Voting Poll is displayed whenever the 2 Columns with the right bar layout are used. To call the Magento Poll voting form from the WYSIWYG editor, follow these steps: 1. Add the following php code on top of base/poll/active.phtml: $action = Mage::getBaseUrl().’poll/vote/add/poll_id/’.$this->getPollId(); $poll = Mage::getModel(‘poll/poll’)->load($this->getPollId()); $poll_answers = Mage::getResourceModel(‘poll/poll_answer_collection’)->addPollFilter($this->getPollId())->getItems();

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Mini Tutorial: How to Auto Approve Reviews for Registered Users in Magento Read now

auto approve reviews for registered users

Magento product reviews are either marked as Approved or Pending. New reviews are always marked Pending and the administrator has to set them to Approved to publish them on the product page. Related: Mini Tutorial – Using Customer Segmentation Based on Cookie Data If one wants to auto approve reviews for registered users in Magento, […]

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A Hard To Find Print Order Extension (Download Included) Read now

print order extension

Unfortunately, Magento doesn’t have a print order function. Apparently, this is something useful for shipping clerks because they need an order print out before the order is actually invoiced. After hours of Googling, I stumbled on a link to a print order extension, “Nastnet_OrderPrint-0.1.3“. I just tried to Google it just now and couldn’t find the […]

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