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Director of Product

Shopify Commerce

First 30 Days: How to Launch Your Shopify Website from Growth to Apps

Want to launch your business online but have no idea where to start? You’ve heard about Shopify’s eCommerce platform, and know it’s perfect for merchants just starting out online. Despite Shopify’s ease of use, you’ll still need help getting pointed in the right direction in the beginning. Within the first…

Conversion Optimization

Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics: How Does it Work?

“Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics made it extremely easy to analyze the metrics that are important to an eCommerce site and garner the insights to make smart changes to our website, driving significant improvements in performance!”– Danny Gavin, VP and Director of Marketing at Brian Gavin Diamonds Enhanced eCommerce with Google…


What Google Inbox Means for Businesses and Marketers

So what is Google Inbox? Google has been working hard on making email better for users and this time they’ve rolled out “Inbox”, a more visual email inbox. Its #1 goal is to be more responsive, which allows you to set reminders and respond to emails in a quick and…

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