Understanding eCommerce Conversion Optimization Read now

eCommerce conversion optimization

Ever ponder the intricacies of how to properly optimize your online store to convert better? Here at Demac Media, we do. A large and growing part of what we do is help eCommerce businesses do just that: find and hit your ideal conversion rate. Here’s what you need to know: eCommerce Conversion Optimization (how it […]

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Agile vs Waterfall Development in eCommerce – Which method is right for you? Read now

This post is written for the Marketers, Managers, Directors, and/or Owner-Operators of eCommerce sites who are responsible for implementing eCommerce initiatives throughout the cooperation with a development team. While much of the conversation on the Agile vs Waterfall development debate has been focused on software development, and to a lesser extent, the initial building of […]

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