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About Derrick Khoo

Director of Customer Insights

eCommerce Strategy

Multi-Channel Retailing and the Role of CRM

The biggest challenge facing retailers today is not an absence of data, but rather the lack of a single, cohesive platform on which marketers can draw insights and make strategic decisions. As an online retailer you can access both your web customers and web transactions in the Magento admin panel,…


Holiday Promotion Creep: a Self-Defeating Strategy?

In project management, there is the well known concept of scope-creep, defined as: “uncontrolled changes or continuous growth in a project’s scope.” This is generally seen as a negative consequence of poorly defining the objective of the initial project, or poorly managing the project delivery. If left unabated, scope creep…

eCommerce, Marketing

Part 1: OroCRM – Tools for Sales

OroCRM has taken on the ambitious task of building both a “traditional” customer relationship management tool (as traditionally found in a B2B sales function), as well as a data repo to drive customer insights, in a single product. Often, companies who attempt a diversified product risk developing a watered down…

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