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About Dimitri Colomvakos

CTO and Co-Founder

eCommerce Strategy

CTO Endorsement –

Startups love startups. Without each other, we’d be forced into building the same tools and applications that we all need. Periodically, I will be showcasing some of the tools we’ve selected to build our company. If anything, you can take it as an unbiased, and unsolicited endorsement of another startup…

Systems Integration

Magento Integration – Meet the Data Donkey

A Donkey? Seriously? Yeah we have a product called the Data Donkey.  Anytime it comes up it garners looks of confusion, disbelief and curiosity…but I digress.  Running at the heart of Demac Media is a custom workflow engine, hand built and finely tuned to schedule “work”.  I know, that’s pretty…

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