SEM Budget Planning for the Holidays Read now

SEM Budget Planning for the Holidays

The season is upon us – well, sort of. It will be that time of year again sooner than you can say “mega-sale” and we’ve started getting all of our merchants prepared for the Q4 rush. I of course am talking about the holiday shopping season. You may think I’m crazy to start this topic […]

Tagging Marketing Campaigns Using URL Builder Read now

Tagging Marketing Campaigns

The benefit of using different platforms for display retargeting or email is that they are well equipped with there own reporting dashboards. The challenge becomes centralizing this data into one high level dashboard. Google Analytics out of the box has the capability of linking to other Google Products such as Google Adwords for PPC and […]

Upcoming Google Algorithm Update: Mobile-Friendly Read now

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm

At this point, it may be considered old news, but there’s an update coming to the Google mobile algorithm with a tentative launch date of April 21st 2015. This update has been a long time coming, as users have increasingly resorted to their mobile devices to perform Google searches. In response, Google has put a […]

301 Redirect Mapping Using Excel Logic for Many URLs Read now

301redirect mapping

Are you considering re-platforming or switching domains? Both typically bring up one issue that is a cause for concern for Webmasters, that is setting up 301 redirects for a massive amount of URLs. eCommerce websites, especially ones that have been fully indexed in search engines for quite some time that have built up backlinks and […]

Your Search Engine Marketing Holiday Checklist Read now

Search Engine Marketing Checklist Holidays

It has begun! The holidays have arrived, and your team created a comprehensive marketing plan for the final push of Q4 (hopefully). Now that the warehouse is stocked, the site maintenance is up to date, marketing calendar planned, and emails scheduled, it is time to drive search and web traffic to your eCommerce site. By […]

Google Shopping Campaigns – Somewhat New And Very Improved Read now

google shopping

Firstly, I would just like to justify the title of this article and explain why I say “somewhat”. As of September 1st, Google officially rolled out Google Shopping Campaigns which is the upgraded version of the previous Search – Product Listing Ads campaigns. So technically, this is new, the campaign itself was built out by […]

Google Analytics 101 Read now


Just transitioning from a brick and mortar to online and having trouble analyzing your new business? Once you’re online, tracking and analyzing your traffic is no longer as simple as looking at your door to see who will walk through. In a physical store, you can easily talk to your customers, learn about them, and […]

Flexible Bid Strategies to Increase ROAS Read now

bid strategies

Much like writing a compelling ad copy, or selecting distinct keyword matches to drive your SEM campaigns, a flexible bid strategy plays a very big role in the success of your Campaigns and Return on Add Spend (ROAS). Coming up with a bid strategy can be rather difficult to gage when building your keyword lists […]

Search Remarketing: A Gift From Google Read now

search remarketing

I have been quite amazed over the past few years chatting with friends, co-workers, clients and acquaintances over the topic of Remarketing. Everyone notices it, everyone finds it slightly creepy, yet everyone either wants to do it or is very impressed by it. Remarketing gives advertisers an opportunity to target visitors who came to their […]

How to Reveal Keyword Data for Product Listing Ads Read now

product listing ads

Product Listing Ads are emerging onto’s search engine results page. Early on in 2013, I began testing the product extension as they slowly went from BETA into to regular ad rotation as one of Google Adwords advertising methods in Canada. What makes product listing ads such a powerful advertising channel is the ability to […]

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