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Uploading Shopify Assets Read now

Uploading Shopify Assests

Front-end developers really enjoy working with Shopify’s Liquid framework. It’s flexible and versatile, and truly helps developers build awesome eCommerce websites. Sometimes these online stores might require a host of different images or other assets, such as pdfs, to add content to the site. For example, a book publishing site might want to host sample […]

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How to add Shopify Options Read now

Shopify Options

Shopify is a very flexible eCommerce platform that allows its clients to customize their catalogues according to their respective business needs. In previous tutorials I have discussed how to add products and variants to Shopify. In this blog, I will explain to how to vary different products in your store using options, and illustrate how […]

3 minutes

Mini Tutorial: How to Set Up Bulk Imports in Shopify Read now

bulk imports in shopify

Shopify’s REST api is really well structured to handle large imports of data. I will explain how to set up bulk imports in Shopify by updating product variants in bulk and how to respect Shopify’s call limit so that your integration application runs smoothly. In my first Shopify tutorial I blogged on how to push […]

5 minutes

XML Parsing Using LINQ Read now

XML Parsing Using LINQ

Demac Media has an exceptionally diverse set of clients and their business requirements may vary at times. An XML file is one approach to storing large volumes of data and often times we need to parse these files to update and load products. I have written about parsing before, but this time I will discuss […]

5 minutes

Mini Tutorial: Uploading Products in Shopify with REST and C# Read now


Demac Media prides itself in providing quality wherever it sees potential for growth in the eCommerce sector. Recently, Demac partnered with Shopify to help small businesses create a niche for their products using Shopify’s convenient and easy-to-use eCommerce platform. eCommerce is about your products and their online presence, and if you already have a successful […]

6 minutes

[Mini Tutorial] – How to Parse Quartz.Net Cron Expressions Read now


Since I started working at Demac Media I’ve come to realize that the most important aspect of building an eCommerce website is not its front-end design. It’s how the core business needs are addressed through back-end integration. A business might require their data to be transferred to different databases or incorporate special prices for their […]

4 minutes

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