Varien_Image: The Heart of Magento’s Image Manipulation. Read now

varien_image The Heart of Magento's Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation in Magento Most of you may have experience with Mage_Catalog_Helper_Image class. This class lets you manipulate Magento catalog images in various ways. The most common one is resizing the image and adding watermark. Do you know the majority of the function for this class is a proxy to Varien_Image class. Varien_Image class is […]

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[Mini-Tutorial] Magento and WordPress Multisite Integration Read now

Welcome back to the Magento WordPress Integration series! Check out my other posts from the series: Mini-Tutorial: Full Fishpig WordPress Integration with Custom Post Types and Fields for Magento Mini Tutorial: Custom WordPress Shortcode in Magento with Fishpig Today we’ll talk about about running multiple instances of WordPress. Having multiple stores is not unusual in […]

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How to Import Affiliate Links in Magento Read now

Affiliated Links

What is an Affiliate Link? There are many affiliate marketing strategies in the web space. For example, affiliate link, pixel tracking and email campaign. Affiliate linking is a great way to track and gain recognition for recommending or promoting a product on your site. But what is an affiliate link? According to Techopedia: “An affiliate […]

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Mini Tutorial: Adding WordPress Posts & Categories to Magento’s Google Sitemap Read now

Adding Wordpress posts to Google's sitemap

Google’s crawlers may miss some content pages during the regular crawling process, therefore simply submitting a Sitemap will let Google know about the pages available on your site. However, if you’ve got the full Fishpig WordPress Integration on your site, it is important to note that by default, Magento will only export the Product, Catalog […]

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Mini-Tutorial: Full Fishpig WordPress Integration with Custom Post Types and Fields for Magento Read now

Fishpig Wordpress

There are many eCommerce sites that integrate WordPress for their blog. Many vendors have been integrating WordPress as part of Magento to promote their product on the blog. Some of them even use WordPress as their CMS management system and ditched Magento’s CMS because of the flexibilities. We usually use Fishpig’s WordPress integration for that. […]

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