Modern Browser Technology and You Read now

modern browser technology and you

One of the biggest questions out of the mouths of most Front End Developers around the world when asked to do something is, “What’s the browser support for this?” Most of the time the response will come back stating all the major players in the browser industry. Chrome. Firefox. Safari. Internet Explorer. Each browser comes […]

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App – etizing eCommerce Read now

app - etizing eCommerce

To quickly start, I have to make a solemn promise to you, my readers. This post will not turn into a rant about buzzwords, though I will start with one. Apps. Apps, apps, apps. There, that’s out of the way. With that said and done, I can move on to the meat and gristle of […]

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Take your Front-End Workflow to the Next Level Read now

take your workflow to the next level

It’s a truly remarkable time to be a front-end developer right now. I’ve gone on in previous blog posts about advancing technologies providing us with exciting new capabilities. I’ve remarked and commented on the multitude of innovative ideas that really take our front-end potential to a new extreme. However, in light of that, something that […]

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Evolution and Adaptation in eCommerce Read now


“It’s How We’ve Always Done It” – The detrimental key phrase of an evolutionary society This is one of the phrases I fear the most when starting a new job… or even worse, at a job I’ve been working at for a long while. It’s so easy for people to say, but much like any […]

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Responsive Society Read now

Responsive Web Design

As has been said by every wannabe internet analyst, the web has gone through numerous evolutions in a very short period of time. These evolutions have presented many and more opportunities to grow brands, grow business, and/or grow your personal collection of cat pictures. Not only has the internet itself been evolving, but so has […]

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