How Pela Case Grew Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales by 1,727% YoY Read now

PelaCase Black Friday Cyber Monday Growth

Yes, 1,727% is a giant year over year increase. And yes, we didn’t do much in sales volume last year. However, we’re still talking about going from single digit thousands to doing many tens of thousands in orders over these important shopping days and we want to share our experiences in making this happen. We […]

The 5 Things Retailers Can Do Today to Grow Tomorrow Read now

2018 ecommerce growth, matt bertulli, demac media

If you’ve been paying attention to media headlines there is certainly no shortage of bad news coming out of the world of retail. It seems like we can’t go a week without a known retailer announcing they are closing stores or going bankrupt entirely. Like most people in retail, I follow these headlines closely. I […]

How We Created and Iterated on Our Customer Personas for Read now

Pela Case, shopify plus, matt bertulli, pela, shopify partners, customer person, ideal customer, ecommerce customer

Let me start by saying that until Pela Case had this piece “dialled in”, we were a floundering startup that was struggling to find its ideal market. In case you missed it, I have two other posts on building Pela – our in-house product – from the ground-up, check them out below or continue reading […]

How We’re Leveraging Facebook and Instagram to Scale a 7 Figure eCommerce Business Read now

pela case leveraging social commerce

This is part of an ongoing series in how we’re scaling up our brand (Pela Case) from 0 to 7-figures and now from 7-figures to 8-figures. If you haven’t read anything else in the series, I suggest you go back to the beginning before carrying on with this post. It really helps to have an […]

The 2 Things Retailers Can Do Today to Easily Leverage Amazon Read now

How can the small and mid-sized merchant succeed in an Amazon-first world? Wow, I get this question a lot! With Amazon Prime Day and the retail giant putting almost $3 billion in sales on the board this year, it is definitely a hot topic and one I don’t see going away anytime soon. The answer […]

An In Depth Case Study in Scaling a 7 to 8 Figure eCommerce Business Read now

Pela Case 1

Hi! I’m Matt, the co-founder of Pela Case, a business on a mission to reduce plastic on the planet. We started out making iPhone cases since this is a large market with a ton of plastic waste due to the regular upgrade cycle of smartphones. I’m also the co-founder of Demac Media, an eCommerce agency […]

A Secret Customer Retention Strategy You Need To Use Now! Read now

a secret customer retention strategy

We talk a lot about omni-channel in this industry and often we focus on the front-end experiences our customers have since these are the most visual and tactile for us. In-store, online, mobile, pop-up shops, all are front of mind when thinking about creating great customer experiences and improving our customer retention (i.e. – lifetime […]

The Reasons Why Highly Scalable eCommerce is Improbable Read now

why highly scalable ecommerce is improbable, matt bertulli, demac media, e-commerce, web development

Nasty Gal was one of the latest but most certainly won’t be the last. More will falter and many will outright fail. This isn’t doom and gloom, this is just what happens when too many companies take on too much funding and chase too much growth too fast, while having largely “unscalable” financial models in […]

Performance Partnerships: Why You MUST Read Read now

Why it is important to me: Affiliate marketing is a very complex world – Robert Glazer does an amazing job breaking down the concepts and making them tactical. Background Story: My forum mate at The Entrepreneurs Organization, Robert, launched his very first book yesterday called Performance Partnerships. In this well written book Robert shares the experiences […]

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