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This Is What Happens When You Live Your Values: Anything, Anywhere – Out Now!

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Build A Business, From Our CEO, How To Grow Your Business

Matt Bertulli’s book is out now! Yes, you read that correctly. THE Matthew Bertulli, co-founder and CEO of Demac Media wrote a book. It’s called, Anything Anywhere: The Future of Retail and How to Build a Digital-First Roadmap to Growth, and it’s available for purchase on Amazon right now.

If you’re reading this blog right now I suggest you get a copy – it was written for you!

Anything Anywhere Matt Bertulli

Gary V. notoriously said that marketers ruin everything, but don’t worry I won’t ruin this book for you.

Now that my shameless plug is over – what I would like to get into is corporate values…

…I’d say the vast majority of us can see right through the bullshit of company / corporate values. I know that when Matt and the executives sat Demac’s employees down and presented the roll-out of our very own set of “values”, I may have let out an exasperated sigh in anticipation of corporate BS out-of-alignment with our culture.

12 months later though I can proudly say I’m a believer, and that Anything, Anywhere is the result of Matt living Demac’s values to the fullest.

He’s one of those great living examples of why it’s so important that your company develops a set of values, that you communicate those values to your customers, and that your stay true to those values in every action you take.

Anything, Anywhere Is What happens When You Live Your Values

It shouldn’t have come as any surprise, particularly to me in my specific role as Content Marketing Manager at Demac, that Matt was to eventually publish a book.

He started the Demac Media blog in the infancy of the company, and it now boasts a dedicated following of 30,000+ readers monthly and over 1,100 posts! In case you’re new here, much of our great content comes directly from Matt himself.

Content Marketing was by no means new at the time of our blog’s inception, but Matt saw the opportunity to reach retailers and merchants who are struggling to grow their businesses in an ever-changing landscape. The way that he did this was through the the creation of high-value content, like blog posts, tutorials, Benchmark Reports, webinars, etc.

Not Selling, Educating

You might be thinking, that these are self-serving activities. Content marketing is exactly that – marketing, but this is where our values come into play.

At Demac Media we have four unique values that are tied to our greater purpose as a company. These values provide a framework for us to follow and that positively influence our everyday actions with each other and our amazing customers, and partners.

We believe that an educated customer is the best customer to have.

Through education and knowledge sharing, customers will not only have a better understanding of the products / services they’re considering, you also build a relationship that is optimized via trust to be seamless, thus avoiding the friction that occurs naturally under the pressure of financial and time consuming decisions. Retailers take note! We’re strong advocates of educational content no matter who you’re selling to: B2B or B2C.

This leads us to…

Sharing Everything!

Share everything – it’s one of our core values, and the one I personally strive to most exemplify of the four values that we abide by at Demac to achieve our purpose.

There really are no secrets here. Whether between coworkers or clients, it doesn’t makes sense for us to be anything but transparent in our work and communication.

By sharing everything we leverage the collective genius of each team at Demac, the teams of our current and future customers, and most importantly the commerce landscape at large. By sharing everything we learn and grow together.

In Anything, Anywhere, Matt shares everything he knows about growing a successful retail business.

Our Purpose = Your Growth

Anything Anywhere Matt Bertulli
Sharing everything ties into our purpose here, to make commerce better for everyone. Every part of what we do is to help others to build sustainable digital businesses by taking control of their technology roadmaps, while having a little fun along the way.

We’re here to help shape a better future. A future in which you can sell anything, anywhere. All you need is a crystal-clear vision and a digital-first roadmap that will take you there.

You’re at all interested in taking your retail business from 1 to 100, I highly recommend you get Matt’s book!

Thanks for letting us share with you, and stay curious.

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