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Amazon vs. Walmart

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Last week Amazon made headlines with their “Prime Day” mega sale event to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The one-day sale was created to compete with other shopping holidays like Cyber Monday and Singles Day and offered a selection of promised deep discounts to those who subscribe to their Prime subscription service. It wasn’t long after the sale was announced that rumours abounded that fellow mass-merchant Walmart welcomed the chance to take-on Amazon and beat them at their own eCommerce game by having a huge sale online on the same day as Prime Day. Well, July 15 has come and gone and despite the negative feedback of the event, and criticism Walmart unleashed about Amazon’s disappointing day, it doesn’t change the fact that these two companies are going to continue to compete in the same digital space. Let’s take a look at both of these merchants, to see how they differ, how they’re the same, and try to predict who will win consumers in the end; the digital giant or the bricks and mortar dominator?


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In 2014 Amazon’s net sales were $88.9B to Walmart’s $482B. Tweet this.

Year-over-year growth for Amazon from 2013-2014 was 20%! Tweet this.

Amazon offers a total of 250 million products, Walmart has 4.2 million. Tweet this.

In terms of reach, Amazon is available in 185 countries whereas Walmart is in 27. Tweet this.

For Cyber Monday 2014 Amazon sold to 16 million users. Tweet this.

On Black Friday 2014 Walmart sold to 22 million shoppers. Tweet this.

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