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The Anti-Spam Movement: The Secrets to An Amazing Welcome Email!

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Sending a welcome email to new subscribers is not only good etiquette, it can impact your business big time!

Welcome emails are a highly valuable, purpose driven tool, that are crucial for you to use. Now’s the best time to review you email marketing practices, with laws and legislation like CASL and CAN-SPAM in place you do not want to risk getting fined.

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There is no other campaign that your business will send that’ll have open rates like a welcome email will so get it right the first time with your welcome email. Win customers over with a warm welcome.

Here are 4 of our tips for retailers that will help you maximize the value of welcome emails and build a better relationship with your customers!

1. Timing is everything

You should be sending a welcome email right away once a new subscriber gives you explicit consent to contact them. Trigger your email to send immediately upon sign up.

When someone signs-up to hear from you and your brand, they’re telling you that they are a fan – leverage this love, right away! Continuing the conversation that was started on your website, or in app, is key to creating an excellent experience.

2. Setting Expectations

This is the “managing expectations” part of the relationship. It’s important that you let users know how often you plan on communicating with them. In your welcome email remind new subscribers that you hate spam too, and don’t plan on spamming them, to start your relationship off properly.

Let them know what benefits they’ll receive, the frequency of communications, where else they can find you online, and how they can unsubscribe if they want to. Being transparent with new subscribers is your best tool to building trust.

3. Deliver on Promises

How did you get your new contact to subscribe? If you offered up an incentive, like many retailers do you need to deliver on that promise.

We’re not saying that you immediately send promotional email to customers, but including an incentive or discount in a welcome email could be the push some customers need to make a purchase. You might be able to generate incremental revenue, but you should be more concerned with providing subscribers with value by delivering on any promises made.

4. Thank them!!

One of the benefits of CASL is that’ll hopefully do away with some of the bad practices we’ve seen lately in email marketing. Good etiquette goes a long way in person, the same goes for online interactions. Humanizing the online experience goes a long way when building trust and earning loyalty.

Be gracious, show respect, and bring something to the table. This is how you make a great first impression.

CASL Will Make You a Better Marketer!

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and similar laws will force you to be more innovative to achieve better marketing results. Remember, CASL was put into place to prevent spam and nobody likes a spammer! Take this time now to review your email marketing strategies, ensure you’re compliant, and use this opportunity to leverage the true value of your welcome campaigns.

Check to see if your compliant now! Fill in the form to get your free CASL checklist:

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