Amazing Magento Product Page Design – Bundled Products within Bundled Products

We recently went live with a re-platform project for Prior Snowboards out in Whistler, British Columbia.  This has to be one of the more complicated projects we’ve worked on from a purely “make Magento do weird stuff” point of view.

The very cool, and also very tricky aspect of Prior’s business is that they are a light manufacturer of snowboards.  That’s what makes their product so incredible.  It’s all made to order.  You can imagine what this means for an online shopping user experience!  It gets quite complicated with the configurations and all the top sheet/base sheet design elements of each board or ski.

Our team pulled some interesting things out of their hat on this one.  We’re actually running a custom product template that allows the combination of bundled products within bundled products via Magento Related Product structure to achieve the desired “configurable” effect.

Rather than trying to type out exactly how this product page works, we put together a quick screencast to demonstrate.   Below the screencast is a screenshot of what the product page looks like on it’s own with some annotations on the various features.

Keep pushing the limitations of Ecommerce using Magento!

Quick Video Walk-Through of How The Products Work



Annotated Magento Bundle within Bundle Product Page Design