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My Experience @ Magento Imagine 2012

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Magento Imagine is where merchants, solution partners and developers come together for 3 days to share, network, learn and of course have fun. Being that this was my first year attending Imagine and considering it was just the second year of Imagine being held, I wasn’t sure what to expect…

Normally conventions are only directed to a narrow sector of individuals, developers or sales representatives, business partners or actual merchants. However, Imagine was different. It truly offers something for everyone involved in the Magento ecosystem, from sales representatives to hardcore developers.

The Magento Community
It was really fun to find out that the Magento community is just as engaging, open and fun in person as it is online; everyone is so eager to share and learn. I also had the opportunity to meet several people in person with whom I had been talking to online for years.

The Tech Track
Imagine is divided into 3 main types of breakout sessions: Tech, Business and Partners. I spent most of my time at Imagine going to the Tech Track Sessions, which I must say, was an amazing experience As a developer I have always enjoyed learning about the way other developers work, which tools, techniques and systems they are using. The Tech Track sessions offered not only that but also the opportunity to get face time with some of the most innovative developers currently working with Magento. The BarCamp was another nice surprise I had during the conference – Barcamp is a series of quick talks covering a large spectrum of topics from Magento Scalability and Performance to X.commerce and International Product Marketing.

Magento Imagine 2012 was a truly rewarding experience, on that I’m really looking forward to repeating next year!

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