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A Thought on Working in Ecommerce in Canada

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I’ve been going to a lot of local (Toronto) meetups and events in the last year, making an attempt to learn more about the local startup and technology scene.  Like anything else, each time I’m asked what our company does my answer gets better.  Practice makes perfect.  None the less, I sometimes get the feeling that I’m a second-class technology citizen.

Our company specializes in what is supposedly considered the boring side to the web.  We build technology that helps businesses sell product on the internet.  Boring right?  It’s not exactly the latest coolest thing (i.e. – some kind of social, mobile, or gaming app).  But it is what we’re good at and we quite like our little niche on the net.

We’re working hard to build a culture that promotes creative problem solving.  What exactly does this mean?  In short, it means that we are (trying to be) a team that is focused on doing better tomorrow than we did today.  The only way to do that is to constantly be thinking forward, thinking about the new, the uncharted.  Even in the world of online retail, there is so much room to do more, better, faster etc…

Our industry may be boring to many but that doesn’t mean there isn’t buckets of innovation and creativity happening in the world of Ecommerce.  It’s this innovation, this creativity that we’re looking to foster.

Many of our partners (yes we have real partners) see this on an almost weekly basis.  We shuffle things around…a lot.  Sometimes our partners think we’re nuts, at least sometimes I do.  Isn’t that what makes the tech space fun?  Change is actually predictable.  Not what is going to change but rather the knowing that change will happen.  We love it!

We like it when our partners bring us new ideas to try out on their online stores.  I hope they love it when we bring them new ideas as well.  That’s one of the many things that we think makes a great partnership.

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