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A High Level Look at Facebook for eCommerce

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When building and discussing marketing plans for the holiday season, we get asked to consider buying ads on Facebook. I’ve always been a believer that Facebook’s impact on online shopping is huge, but I don’t remember ever seeing tremendous success in Facebook ads by any online merchants I’ve worked with.

Facebook Ads: Good or Bad?

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a big company with a big budget, then throwing a little money in the way of Facebook ads usually isn’t an issue. I’m sure it has branding benefits, but from what I’ve seen, the real opportunity behind Facebook is from your community of fans, and clients. After every holiday season I read about the impact social media had on shopping, but every stat is the based on the amount of people sharing purchases they’ve made, and traffic driven from wall posts.

Contests and Campaigns

We are all aware (or should be) of the immense benefits of social media and its ability to effectively connect with your customer. What better way to do that then with contests and marketing campaigns! This is becoming a standard norm for companies especially with their Facebook pages,  as it builds an excitement and following around your products and/or services. Even better, the more content you add to your own page, the more enticing it will be for your customers to share with their friends. The end result? –> Your customers share your content/contest/campaign, which attracts the attention of their friends, those friends end up clicking on the associated link and then might share it with their network of friends. This “social cycle” and engagement with your customers, not only helps to increase the traffic to your site but your exposure as well!

What Are Your Thoughts?

And now, as it has become custom in my posts, I am going to ask you. I love the feedback I’ve been seeing on Twitter and our comments section so keep ’em coming.

– What’re you guys seeing?

– What have you done on Facebook that has brought you traffic?

– What have you tried that hasn’t worked?

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