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8 Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

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For many people email rules their life. In fact the first thing most people do when they wake up or get to work is checking their emails. In fact – I am pretty sure you checked your email in the last hour. In my post today I will be talking about 8 email marketing tips for beginners. With that said, let’s get started.

What is email marketing?

For me, in simple terms, email marketing is a way to send emails to your customers informing them about your business, promotions and any other news that you think your customers might be interested in, with the overall goal to lead them to your website to purchase products. Email is a vital component to helping your site increase its traffic to and increase overall conversions.

So how do you get started? Here are 8 email marketing tips for beginners:

1) Subject line

If you’re subject line is not appealing and does not make the user curious – they’re never going to open your email. In my opinion, you need to make an email personal first, and then tell your customers what’s in it to improve open rates and conversions. An example of a good subject line is “Stephanie, see your dream vacation deal inside” as compared to a boring one like “50% off travel deal”.

2) Time

The time you send an email can greatly increase or decrease your open rate. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not send an email at 10 am on a Saturday or Sunday. Usually, I find early mornings (Mon-Thurs) is a good time to send an email as this is the time people are getting to work and check emails. You want your email to be right on top as compared to the other 20 emails in your customer’s inbox.

You can get detailed reports from the email marketing company you use and they should be able to tell you what time you have the highest open rates. Also ‘Alexa’ is a great tool to use and see some statistics where people are browsing from, demographics (income and gender) and some other important information as well.

3)  Email Frequency

Try to be consistent with your emails. Don’t email people on Monday at 11 am and then Tuesday at 4pm. If your customers really like what you sell then they really are expecting you email at 9am. So make sure you’re always on time and consistent with your emails. Most companies usually schedule emails a day before so everyone should definitely take advantage  of the scheduler.

Personally, I get all those daily deal emails around 9am and I usually look forward to seeing what the deal of the day is. Most companies send emails either daily, weekly or on a monthly basis (however, this totally depends on the industry you are in).

4)   Content

Content is King” – yes, this phrase has never been more true. By the time a customer opens your email you literally only have a few seconds to catch his or her attention, so make the most of it! Emails should be simple, easy to read, and written for the customer (eg. use “you” or their first name instead of “we”). The content of your email should include some brief information about the product and any deals or promotions currently going on. You want to create a desire to click through to your website, so don’t just send them crap. Send them something they’d want to open. With various analytical tools, and the data from your eCommerce website, you’re able to gather a lot of information about your customer, use it to your advantage. Set up segmented emails, to target your customers better with relevant information!

Oh and the most important piece of advice:  always proof read!

5)   Urgency

You never want your customers to leave your email in their inboxes and forget about it. Always include a sense of urgency and encourage them to take action right away. A good way to do this, is to limit the promotion for a few days and include a discount code within the email. The time sensitive nature of the promotion is a larger motivation to checkout sooner, than a promotion that lasts for a month. Sometimes customers just need a little nudge to get them to convert!

Here is a great example:

6)   Social Sharing and Forwarding to a Friend

One of the best forms of marketing has always been word of mouth. Nowadays word of mouth usually comes in its digital form via social media. It should always be your end goal to get your customers excited about your products/services, so much so, that they become fans, and are eager to share their experiences with your products/website with their friends and family.

So how can you do this? By simply adding a “Forward to a Friend” button and/or social sharing icons (Eg. for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) to your emails!

7)   Survey’s

You need to understand your customers better than anyone else. Figure out what they like and what they dislike which will help you figure out where you can improve. It’s very important to know what is discouraging them from buying. Is it price? Customer service? Or something else? Encourage your customer to take surveys and reward them for doing so, with an extra discount or other type of incentive that works well with your customer base. A good tool for completing surveys is survey monkey.

8)   Engage inactive subscribers

It’s always important to keep your email list clean and healthy. People who have not opened your email in a while should be priority and you must target them differently. Why? Because they are most likely bored of the content you’ve been sending them, again and again. If they’re not engaged – they’re not converting. Show them some love and send them better content/promotions.

Here’s a great example: “We miss you! Where have you been?”:

It’s hard to end this blog when I can keep going on and on with email marketing tips for beginners. But all the ones I mentioned above are easy steps to start with and are a surefire way  to produce the desired results for your email campaign. Good luck with your next email marketing campaign!

Are there other types of strategies you are currently utilizing? Leave your comments below!

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