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7 Tips for Unexpected Traffic

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You always hope that you’re driving traffic to your online store, but how prepared are you to handle unexpected traffic loads? Imagine if your marketers launched a new campaign to drive users to your site, only to have the site go down. Sometimes customers will unintentionally worsen the problem when your site isn’t loading by opening it in multiple browsers or on different devices, hoping one will bring them to your online store. If they can’t get to your site, they may never come back! Avoid the possible detriment, and maybe embarrassment, of having your website crash. Particularly with the Holiday shopping season in full swing, you must be prepared for heavier than usual traffic. Check out our infographic to get your business prepared.

7 Tips to Manage Unexpected Traffic

Source: Tenzing

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  • Try adjusting Google bot traffic thresholds if your site is experiencing unexpected traffic. Tweet This!
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