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The Anti-Spam Movement: 7 Reasons Why Anti-Spam Laws are a GOOD thing!

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It’s not all doom and gloom for marketers. Laws like Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation(CASL) are designed to protect people against spam, hacking, malware/spyware, fraud, harvesting, and privacy invasions. If you’re being transparent and following best practices, your business will boom! Read below to see why we recommend you follow anti-spam laws, or click here to learn how to recapture opt-in information for your contacts!

Infographic: 7 Reason Why Anti-Spam Laws are a Good Thing!

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  1. No one wants to be a spammer!
  2. You’ll have a more engaged contact list who will be receptive to your messages.
  3. You can focus on targeting the right people, with the right messaging to drive conversion.
  4. Volume sends will decrease but your opens and click-throughs should go-up!
  5. Your brand reputation will remain positive with no spam to tarnish your name.
  6. Other brands will be forced out of the inbox leaving you in the spotlight.
  7. You’ll become better at marketing!

Get in compliance with anti-spam laws now! Download our free checklist to achieving CASL compliance today, by clicking the button below:

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How to Recapture Opt-in Info in Oracle + Bronto

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Oracle + Bronto, a leading commerce marketing automation provider and trusted partner of Demac Media, makes it super easy to automate the re-opt in or subscription confirmation process. You can set up a simple automation to take care of the grunt work.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Plan Accordingly

Keep your plan simple and focused. The overall goal of this exercise is to capture re-opt in details from your subscribers so your plan should include all the required details.

Here are some key questions your plan should be able to answer:

Step 2: Prepare Assets and the Technical Stuff

Start preparing assets once you’ve got an approved plan. Your assets could include emails (tested and approved), data (complete mailing list imported as either a list or a segment) and landing page, if any.

Ensure you have additional fields set up in Bronto to map opt-in details to.

You’ll either be managing the captured opt-in information manually or automatically. If your process is manual, you’ll have to monitor subscriber information and update Bronto as required.

However, if you want to save time and reduce errors, work with your tech team to automate this process. You can either create a webform in Bronto or create an external landing page – both of which will automatically push values to their respective fields in Bronto. Either way will eliminate you having to manually update subscriber information.

Step 3: Workflow

Here’s where the fun begins. You have your email and your data. You know where the captured opt-in information will be mapped in Bronto. You’re pretty much ready by this stage.

A simple workflow could include a trigger node and an action node.

Trigger: Segment Membership Change or List Membership Change
Action: Send Email

The above workflow will send the opt-in email to anyone who enters the segment or list you’ve created for this. Do a test run and when everything checks out, activate the workflow. Remember to deactivate it when you have all the information you need. Don’t forget to monitor the results that come through, and to deactivate the workflow when you have everything you need (no later than July 1, 2017 to be CASL compliant). Unsubscribe everyone who hasn’t confirmed their opt-in to be compliant.

casl, anti-spam, email marketing, compliance, bronto esp, ecommerce, re opt-in

If you want Bronto to automatically unsubscribe everyone on July 1, 2017, add a Delay and an additional Action Node (“Change Contact Status”).

casl, anti-spam, email marketing, compliance, bronto esp, ecommerce, re opt-in

Step 4: Run some last checks!

You should be good if you’ve thoroughly tested your processes and monitored your results. Run some last checks before you close this campaign to ensure you have all the information you need from your subscribers and have unsubscribed all those who haven’t re-opted in. Document everything for future reference.

Legal Disclaimer Note that this document is intended to provide our general recommendations on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). It is not intended to be a comprehensive review nor is it intended to provide legal advice.

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