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6 Tips to Increase Lead Generation for B2B with Social Media

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Social media is a tool that if used effectively can have an amazing impact on your business. Why? Because it gets you found. When more people are able to find your business you have the potential to convert more leads. You can even generate better quality leads through social media because you can tailor social media to your company and your industry to ensure your targetting the right kinds of leads! Smart right?

Below are some tips to help increase your leads for B2B through Social Media:

1. Deliver Great and Relevant Content Often

Your first step: create a blog on your site. To help make creating unique and varied content easier and less time consuming, get your employees to contribute! A blog is a great way to have relevant and engaging content which can help transform your business into a thought leader and a source for trusted information.

2. Share your Content

There are so many social media channels to share your content these days, which means there are so many different and interesting ways to share your content with people from all over the world. Within the realm of social media there are: social networking sites (eg. Facebook and Linkedin), social news sites (eg. Digg and Reddit), blogging and microblogging sites (eg. Tumblr, WordPress, and Twitter) and social bookingmarking / discovery sites (Delicious and Stumbleupon)* just to mention a few! Sharing your content is the best way to help attract attention to yourself, and therefore garner the potential for new leads!

3. Combine Social Media with SEO Strategies

It is important to ensure that you are using key words in your blog posts and social media channels to help target and attract the right kinds of leads. If you have those key words within your content, it will show up during a Google search (which can help to increase organic traffic) or when people search for keywords in Twitter (which can help to increase your twitter followers and target your audience better!).

4. Develop Strong Calls to Action

Offer something of value (eg. a full statistics report, downloadable ebook, webinar etc) to gain interest for your business and content. You can promote your CTAs (Calls to Action) through social media channels, by having links to them from your Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin etc, as well as inserting lead forms into your blog. Be sure that your CTAs are worth it. Ask yourself (in the shoes of your potential lead)… “Will I gain something valuable in exchange for my personal information?”

5. Make your Content Easy to Share

Attracting leads to your site is the first step. Next, you want to encourage people to share your amazing content. How do you do that? Make it easy! Have icons and link buttons on your site for people to share your content through social media channels (eg Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Ensuring your content is “share friendly” will increase the chances of it being shared. The more it’s shared, the better reach you will have, which will allow you to gain more leads.

6. Listen and Monitor

Make sure you are keeping track of past posts, and user activity. If someone posts a comment with a question, make sure to answer it in a timely matter. If you are consistently interacting with users who are reading your posts/tweets etc, they will be more likely to ask you questions in the future because they know you will answer. You should also consider monitoring conversations from industry/thought leaders and see what people are talking about. You can then frame your content around these topics to attract attention to yourself and your site.

* Taken from: Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah
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