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6 Tips For Improving Online Store Conversions

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Conversion Optimization, From Our CEO

Here are 6 tips for improving online store conversions:

Add To Cart and Checkout Button Testing

Test different copy for your proceed to checkout buttons. Does “Proceed to Checkout” work better than “Proceed to Secure Checkout”? How about something specific to your industry, like “Complete your Flower Purchase”? TEST TEST TEST!

On that note, bigger, more bold and brightly colored Add to Cart buttons tend to convert better.

Avoid using add-to-cart and checkout buttons that are the same color as your site theme.  You may think it looks better to do this, and in many cases it does, but having these buttons stand out can be a very good thing.

Avoid Industry Lingo

Think like your customers when writing descriptions and site content.  One of the bigger problems we see with client sites is that they have tons of great content, but it’s often far too technical for the average joe.  This not only hurts your conversions, but can also impact how people find your products in the search engines.

Customers Care About Security

Advertise the various levels of security and authentication that you, as an online store, have gone through the trouble of achieving.  Items like BBB, SSL Certificates, third party security scans and more can be very effective in communicating to a customer that you are safe to buy from.

Watch  Your Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Pricing

Be careful with up-sells and cross-sells.  You don’t want to try and increase order value size by offering products that are much higher in price than the primary product being purchased.  Keep it to between 10-25% on the high end.

Put Value-Proposition Content on Each Page

Every page you have on your site is a potential landing page, so treat it as such.  Include important links to site information on each page and make sure the customer doesn’t struggle with finding important items like shipping and privacy policies.

For example, perhaps your store offers a Free Shipping Both Ways policy. This is very valuable and every page on the site should have this message.  It’s IMPORTANT!

Video Converts

Add video to your product pages that are your “best sellers”.  Video has been proven to improve conversion rates quite significantly.  Just look at Zappos’ own experiences with this approach, increasing conversions by 6-30%.

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