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5 Tips for Maximizing your Next eCommerce Campaign

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Conversion Optimization

Did you know that eCommerce campaigns can increase your site’s traffic by 800% in less than 15 minutes? Campaigns can be anything from email, to the use of Google Adwords, promotional periods, special sale days or discount codes. They act as a great online marketing tool to attract new potential customers to your online store whereby you provide them with incentive to checkout.

But are your campaigns effective? Don’t let your campaigns be a bust! We’ve got some handy tips to ensure you’re maximizing your marketing efforts. Check them out below:

We’ve developed an ebook to help merchants learn how to increase traffic and boost sales by optimizing email campaigns and promotional discount codes. Check out our ebook that we developed along side Tenzing on 5 tips for maximizing your next eCommerce campaign.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Email Campaigns

1. Break up your list into smaller groups

2. Manage your media

Promotional & Discount Codes

3. Test, test, test!

4. Develop test cases for all of your discount codes

5. Avoid using discount structures which require a search of your entire database

Optimizing your campaigns can boost traffic and increase sales. Click on the image below to download our full ebook to learn more:

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