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5 Tips for Creating Amazing Welcome Emails in eCommerce

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Email Marketing is hands down, one of the most efficient ways to engage with your clients online. However getting your customers to open your emails is a big challenge that many eCommerce professionals find hard to overcome. Welcome emails are an opportunity for you to make an impact your new customers right off the bat, why? Because 1) they have signed up, so they’ll be more likely to open your email and 2) they want to hear from you! In today’s post I will present to you with 5 simple techniques that can take your welcome emails to the next level.

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1) Time is Key

When a customer comes to your website and signs up for your newsletter they should receive a welcome email right away. However if you gathered a bunch of emails at a trade show or any event it is very important that the first email is triggered within 24 hours of signing up. The longer you delay it the more likely your new subscribers will  forget about you and move on to other more fun and communicable online businesses.

2) Subject Line

What are the two most important things people see before opening an email?

a) Who the email is from
b) Subject line

The subject line should usually have your company name and if you are capturing the person’s name then that too. For e.g. “Natasha, Welcome to Pink Tartan”. However some companies also use this welcome email as an opportunity to increase sales so they usually give out a discount code for turning subscribers into actual customers. Usually these are a one time use only and help in increasing sales. So if you’re interested in using a discount code with your welcome email you can change your subject line to “Natasha, Welcome to Pink Tartan. Enjoy 10% off your first order

3) Content (Don’t try to say too much)

It is a fact that welcome emails have the highest open rates and therefore one would want to include as much information as possible but DON’T EVER do that. If there is too much to read in the initial email people will probably ignore and delete it.

However there are some elements that all welcome emails should and must have. First, you need to make the customer feel like they made the right choice by subscribing to your site. A good thank you line would be a great start. For example: “Thank you for joining Stokes Stores, we’re looking forward to getting to know you better”.

Another important element to include is to tell the subscriber what to expect in the future. The best way for this would be to have a “Manage Your Email Subscriptions” where customers can choose/opt in to receive the type of emails they want. For example: monthly newsletters, deals & promotions, updates, specific categories emails and much more (depends business-to-business). When giving away discount codes (eg. 10% off your next offer), although obvious, you should ensure that all important and relevant information including the coupon code is included in the email. Lastly you should also use this opportunity to get social with your customers by having your “Social Media” icons in addition to your address and phone number(s) somewhere at the bottom of the email.

4) Avoid Spam Filter Traps

If your emails campaigns total spam score is over a certain limit then there is a much higher chance that the email could go to your subscriber’s spam folder. Some of the common words or habits one should avoid are:

–       Using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the subject line or body of the email

–       Too many exclamation points!!!!!

–       Spam word/phrases such as FREE or “You’re a winner!”

5) Add Email to Address Book

It is highly recommended that any business should use the welcome email as an opportunity to get the subscriber to “white list” or add your email to their contacts. This will ensure any emails future coming from you will be delivered right to their inbox. An example of this would be:

“Be sure to add to your address book or safe sender list so our emails get to your inbox

One shot at a first impression

Remember that phrase “first impression is the last impression”? Welcome Emails won’t only improve your overall impression but they’ll also help to set you a part from your competitors. Many businesses simply don’t take welcome emails seriously, some feel that as long as they acquire a person’s email it’s all-good. However, those who spend time on welcome emails will quickly see the value, and future dividends from the points I’ve discussed in my post today. So take advantage of this opportunity to better connect and interact with your customers! Welcome emails are a great first stepping stone to developing an ongoing relationship with them. So get out there and start devising a plan on how to best develop your own set of welcome emails!

If there are any other strategies that you use for Welcome Emails please let me know in the comments below.

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