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5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015

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The holiday season is right around the corner! Really, I’m not crazy. Take a look around you – you’ve got summer merchandise sales tapering off and back-to-school offers popping up in the malls. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you walked into an aggressive retailer right now like Costco and saw an aisle of Christmas decor. Holiday creep is the real deal – we started preparing merchants for the holiday rush in July. Our question to you is, will you be ready when the consumers come shopping? Consumers are starting their shopping earlier than ever, and technology is a key component of the buying process facilitating “I want to buy moments” 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thankfully for you, Think With Google is on the same page as us in terms of holiday prep and have created the one infographic you need to see before you start your preparations. Google went through their data, and researched trends from the 2014 to bring you the definitive list of 5 holiday shopping trends to watch in 2015.


Source: Think With Google

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