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4 Ways To Make Your Online Customers Happy

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Come on! Lets get straight to the point here. This is not even debatable but everyone knows that the best customers are the happiest customers. They are the ones who will help you grow your business, spread the word and always share their experience with family and friends. Don’t you do that? For instance, if you went to a restaurant and enjoyed the food and service you would recommend everyone in your circle to try it out too, right? So how can online retailers make their customer happy? What do they need to do? In today’s blog I will share 4 ways to make your online customers happy, along with some examples and practical advice you can start implementing now for your eCommerce business!

1) Customer Service

Customer Servcie

Hands down, customer service is one of the most important parts for any business. When a customer buys from you online and calls in to inquire about his/her purchase, your customer service team needs to be on top of it. They should to be trained to know how to satisfy the customer and make them happy. You will get calls every day for refunds, returns, changing orders and more, so your customer service team should take GOOD CARE of every single customer. Recently, I bought a t-shirt from an online clothing store and the size they sent was not what I ordered. I called the customer service team who told me not only will they send me the correct size but pay for the return shipping and give me $5 credit toward my next purchase. Honestly, it was a very smooth process and I was really happy how they dealt with the issue. Even though I had an issue with my order, I will be happy to purchase from them again given the positive experience I had with their customer service team.

2) Free Stuff


From a customer perspective there is something very appealing about the word ‘free’. However, some businesses might be reluctant due to the costs involved. If a business wants to have a happy and repeated clientele they must be willing to give free stuff away, even now and then.  One of our customer’s MenEssentials who sells unique shaving, grooming and skin care products for men are always offering free stuff. For example, if you buy a razor from them they will always send you a free razor-safe blade disposable unit . Isn’t that cool? Wouldn’t you, as a customer love getting free stuff when you buy online?

3) Authenticity


I personally think this is one of the easiest ways to have a happy customer. When a customer buys from you online he is expecting exactly what he paid for and you must deliver what you promised. Make sure the product that you send them is authentic and genuine. For this reason, they will always buy from you online and write good reviews. Recently, I bought headphones from Ali Baba (Chinese eCommerce website) and when they arrived I was really impressed with the quality. After that I have always been ordering  from them in fact a co-worker was looking to buy headphones and I recommended him to buy the same ones too! (hello new customers!)

4) Shipping Policy:


Whenever I buy online I am always excited for the product to arrive on time. Isn’t that the case with everybody? Online stores usually offer customer different types of shipping options during checkout (Expedited, Regular and more). Depending on what they choose you need to make sure that they receive the product on time. Imagine if you received your order a week later than expected, wouldn’t you be frustrated? Reluctant to buy again? But if the product arrives on time it’s quite enough to put a smile on the customers face. Our friend Aurelien Leftick (@aleftick) from Canada Post recently gave a fantastic presentation at our eCommerce Town Hall, and shared how to deliver the best shipping experience for your customers. Check out his presentation below for some great stats, and insights from the Canada Post team!

Win Loyalty by Delivering the Best Shopping Experience, presented by Canada Post from Demac Media

I hope my blog was helpful today and gave you some insight on how to make your online customers happy. Once someone buys from you, treat them like family, as they are the ones who will help push you to the next level of growth. If there are any other methods or strategies you use to make your online customers happy please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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