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4 Tips To Perfect Email Subject Lines in eCommerce

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Before you spend hours online reading and watching video tutorials about creating those all-too-illusive “perfect” email subject lines, consider reading this blog post once. I can provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to create effective email subject lines, in 4 quick tips. Believe it or not, people rarely open emails without looking at email subject lines. This is your first and only shot at connecting with your customers, so create impact while making it count! Let’s get started with the 4 tips you need to create perfect email subject lines:

1. Personalization

If you want to get someone’s attention you usually call them by their name, right? You need to do same with emails! People get bombarded with promotional emails everyday, and most of them get delete. You need to standout by including the first name and making it personal so people feel like they need to open your email. Recently I bought a gift online for my nephew and a few days after my purchase I received an email “Kassim, We Need Your Feedback”. The email subject line was personal and I felt valued for making my purchase, so I shared my experience with them.

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2. Keep it brief:

Email overload is a big problem these days! Whenever you send an email you need to be absolutely clear about your goals. You need to be original and concise to pique curiosity enough to get customers to read you emails. Lets look at Linkedin for example: Someone recently viewed my profile (Yes, I am Mr. Popular!) and I received an email “Kassim, Ather and 5 Other’s Have Viewed Your Profile”. The beauty of the subject line was that they told me exactly what the email was about, by revealing someone who visited my profile, and left me curious enough to open it and see who those other 5 people were.

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3. Offer value:

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Email marketing is hands down one of the most efficient ways of engaging with your subscribers, but if they don’t open your email then what’s the point? You need to communicate that the email contains information that will help them improve their lives or at the very least add some amount of positivity. Recently, I got an email from Groupon saying “Kassim, Lets get you ready for winter”. Right away I knew this email had something to do with winter tires so I felt compelled enough to open the email and buy the deal!

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Those that spend time testing know its value, but let me reiterate to you that you must test, test, and test some more! Remember there is no perfect email subject line, and you need to analyze your data and figure out what works for your subscribers and the content that you’re pushing. All email-marketing platforms such as Listrak or iContact offer the feature of testing with two different email subject lines. You can test with a portion of your list and whichever had the higher opens rates can be used to send out the remainder of your emails.

The end goal

This post hopefully helped you understand that email subject lines need to be short and descriptive while providing a compelling reason to get your subscribers to explore the email. I want to again stress on the importance of testing your emails while getting to know your subscribers. Remember friends, “Knowledge is Power”. If you have any feedback or want to share any other tips please feel free to comment below.

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