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4 Online Marketing Strategies Every eCommerce Site Should Use

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Lets face it, to launch an eCommerce store is a challenge. The process requires time, resources and energy; however, once you’ve launched your website there is a sense of accomplishment (and that’s how it should be!).  The first step is to launch the store, followed by attracting customers and enticing them to make purchases on your online store. This is where the hard work begins. In my post today I will be sharing 4 basic online marketing strategies that every eCommerce store should use once they launch.

1)    Social Media

Social media Marketing

Internet is one of the most important tools for communications today and having an online store is fantastic but not enough. As a business owner you need to utilize every resource out there to reach maximum number of users. One of the best strategies to do this is through social media. Social media is a great way to create word of mouth momentum and every successful business should have a social media presence e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram page

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2)    Content Marketing


I have mentioned this previously as well but CONTENT IS KING and you need to take full advantage of it. What I mean here is you need to use content marketing to create trust, build your brand, encourage positive talk about your brand and eventually convert them into customers. Generally every eCommerce store creates content like product information, photographs, videos, FAQ pages and more that will help you engage your customers, retain them and increase sales.

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3)   Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving web traffic to a website by implementing techniques that can help search engines find your website easily, determine its value and move you up in the search rankings. The closer you get to the top for search terms the more likely you are going to increase your traffic and sales. For example look at your own search habits, consider what keywords you use when you search for information. You are more than likely to go through the results on the first page because they are the most relevant to what you are looking for. Key ways of improving SEO is to keep researching on keywords and making sure you are targeting the right ones for your website. One also needs to make sure technical optimization is done for duplicate content, sitemaps, URLs and more.

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4)    Email Marketing


This is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers about your business, promotions, and any other relevant information that you might think they would be interested in. Email marketing is one of the original forms of online marketing alongside many others. Undoubtedly, it is also one of the most effective and affordable method as well. Some basic tips that every company should consider before sending out an email campaign are, it should take mobile users into account, optimize its lists and have relevant content. A few months ago I also wrote a blog on 8 email marketing tips for beginners, take a sneak peek at those tips.

That’s all folks! I hope all that I mentioned above was useful and with all the time, efforts and resources that you have put in to create an online presence, these marketing tips may help you increase your sales and conversions. Good luck and if there are any other strategies that you use, feel free to share in the comments below.

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