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Infographic: 30 Years of .com

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30 years ago something amazing happened, the first domain name was registered and thus became the internet as we know it; an entity that drives over $1.3 trillion in eCommerce sales. was the first domain registered in 1985, and is still active today, making it the oldest dot com in existence. By 1987 the first 100 domains had been registered, and in the 90s the world wide web was born out of CERN in Switzerland. Wired Magazine in 1994 notes the importance of domain names to brands, and urges companies to scoop theirs up! Two and three letter domain names were all gone by 1997, and in 2005 new TLDs are added. In 2014 Google domains is announced at Google I/O! Today we can’t imagine the internet without the .com we’ve come to know and love. Check out this infographic from the team at Google covering the .com evolution:

30 years of .com

Source: Google Domains

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