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24 Tips For eCommerce Content Marketing

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Most people don’t want ads, they want value. That’s why 70% of consumers prefer getting to know companies through articles instead of ads. Today’s online consumer is savvy and opinionated thanks to the wealth of knowledge they have access to. The individuals and businesses who provide such information do so by posting articles, reviews, strategies, best practices, tutorials, or any type of content that is relevant to their industry. Instead of trying to shove their products down a customer’s throat, they choose to align their interests with those of their audience. When done effectively, customers notice these efforts, benefit from the content, and naturally develop a sense of trust towards the person or business who provides the information. Trust is the foundation for a strong following, and a strong following breeds customers who sell themselves. Here’s an infographic containing the content marketing tips you need to establish your eCommerce business as an industry leader.

 Ecommerce and Online Marketing Tips


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