2010. What a year.

2010 has been an insane (in a very good way) year for Demac Media. Our team has grown, our clients are doing well, and we are seeing some truly awesome trends in eCommerce continuing to make waves in the industry.

Industry News

  • Groupon showed the world that you can innovate in the eCommerce space, with flash sale sites like Gilt.com and Ideeli.com contributing here as well.
  • Mobile Commerce started to really rear it’s head, with Magento announcing a native iPhone mobile commerce app for an extremely attractive price (details here).
  • Magento added a Professional Edition option to it’s stable of platform options.  This really struck a cord with a handful of our own clients.
  • AspDotNetStoreront was finally acquired by Vortx, an extremely welcome turn of events for this mid-market platform.  Inside of 3 months they stabilized the once buggy version 9 and brought a ton of confidence back to this community.

Inside Demac

  • The most notable achievement of 2010 was the welcome addition of 41 new clients and an even greater number of completed projects for these clients.
  • We added more developers to both our Microsoft .NET and Magento (LAMP) teams.
  • We started our first long term managed eCommerce relationship with Snugglebugz.ca.  This is an area of our business that we are all working very hard on.  Partly because it has huge potential us and partly because we believe in what Snugglebugz is trying to do in their space.
  • We started to develop our Social Commerce Analytics platform Loopinion (coming in early 2011).
  • We launched the first of our Wholesale Distribution Multi-Merchant eCommerce sites for two separate wholesale distribution clients of ours.  Both are turning out to be a huge success for the merchants, the wholesaler, and lastly for us.
  • We moved into our new offices at 71 King St. East in Toronto.
  • We started working with a new startup using a similar model to the various startup incubators out there.  We’re investing our resources into this startup in exchange for equity.  It’s a new model for us so we’re going to actively report on how this all plays out.
  • We signed a re-seller agreement with AspDotNetStorefront for Canada, something we are VERY excited about.

Looking forward…2011

Our plan for 2011 is simple.  Be nimble.  Pivot.  Accept change in all forms as a good thing.  Innovate.  All of this while keeping our clients exceedingly happy.  Simple…