14 Times In Business You Should A/B Test

Want to get down to the truth of something? Trying to solve a sticking point on your eCommerce site? A/B testing is your best friend. A/B is all about comparing two versions of a webpage to see which one works better with your website visitors. This testing in turn will help you earn more visitors, increase sales, allowing you to make the most of your existing traffic. While the cost of acquiring paid traffic can be huge, the cost of increasing conversions can be minimal in comparison. A/B testing is paving the way for data-driven cultures in organizations. Did you know that Google alone ran some 7000 A/B tests in 2011? With the right testing methods, companies can see up to 300% increase in their conversion rates. A report says that 1 in 7 tests is a winning test. Check out this infographic from VWO to learn about the 14 times you should A/B test.

14 Times In Business You Should A-B Test

Source: VWO

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