How to Enhance Your Platform By Choosing a Technology Partner! Read now

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In this day and age, an online store must have certain key features and functionality in order to meet consumer expectations. We can all relate to frustrating experiences with an unintuitive search tool that doesn’t account for misspellings, or review features that are painful to use, or product recommendations that are not relevant or helpful. […]

How to Make Your Platform Evaluation a Triumph by Asking the Right Questions Read now

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Want to build a business that lasts? You need a plan! The issue is, most retailers don’t know where to start when it comes time to sit down and create a technology roadmap, or make a proper platform evaluation. You might be guilty of this too; getting too distracted by what your competition is doing, […]

This is Why You Need to Stop Competing Against Amazon to Win Online Read now

competing against amazon

They’re the retail giant that keeps on growing. Many retailers want to be them, but none will surpass them. So why bother? Amazon is a retail behemoth. You know it and I know it, but it’s always fascinating to break down the actual numbers behind Amazon’s success to see how well they’re doing: Amazon accounted […]

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