How to Optimize Abandoned Cart Emails to Win Back Sales! Read now

shopping cart abandonment email

Are you leaving money on the table? We’ve all been there. Your customers have added items to the cart, but some aren’t making it to checkout. Cart abandonment is the worst! Did you know that up to 70% of all shopping carts will get abandoned before the purchase is complete? Luckily, a timely series of […]

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Meet The Demacians – Megan Hunter – Graphic Designer Read now

Meet the Demacians Megan Hunter Graphic Designer

This week’s lucky Demac employee to be featured in the “Meet The Demacians” series, is our wonderful Graphic Designer, Megan Hunter. Megan’s been busy working on multiple projects for both clients and ourselves and is always thinking of new creative ways to showcase both her own and Demac’s talents! Her smile and warm, positive attitude […]

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017: Recapping our Retailers’ Growth + Key Takeaways! Read now


In January we have what is known the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday. While the science behind “Blue Monday” is questionable, there’s no denying that for most retailers and merchants January is a quieter month. In the comedown from the insane holiday season you might relish in the reprieve that a […]

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