Make Your eCommerce Data Shine: 4 Ways Analytics Help Identify and Engage Shoppers Read now

Demac Media Magento Business Intelligence Retailers guide to the holidays

Magento Business Intelligence has helped hundreds of merchants use their data to grow faster and more efficiently. Along that journey, one thing has proven true in every case: All customers are not created equal. A high-value, loyal customer can easily generate more than 10x the revenue of a typical buyer. This is especially true during […]

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Shopify Flow: Hop On The Operational Efficiency Train Read now

Shopify Plus Flow Launch demac media nathan dallaire

Next Stop: Operational Efficiency City. Population: You. Who is Shopify Flow? Trick question. Shopify Flow isn’t a person. It’s a tool Shopify has created to extend the functionality of your Shopify store to work with the business, for the business. Now you can do more, with less. With Shopify Flow you can now set up […]

How to Prevent Mobile Fraud this Holiday Retail Season! Read now

demac media, kount, mobile fraud, holiday download, retailers guide to the holiday season

A new report from eMarketer shows that sales for the 2017 holiday season are expected to increase 15.8 percent from last year. As expected, mobile is continuing to dominate, yet many retailers still aren’t prepared to handle the influx of sales and the fraud issues that come along with card-not-present (CNP) transactions conducted online or […]

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